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February 12, 2020

Guidelines for Selecting Men’s Haircuts Depending On the Shape of His Face

People can guess your character at a glance at your hairstyle. Make people focus more on the attractive and unique features on your face by wearing haircuts that suit the face of your shape. Use these guidelines for selecting men’s haircuts depending on the shape of his face.

Find out the shape of your face by taking its measurements. A tape measure will help you to know the width of your jaw and the measurements between your cheek-bones. Take the average of the two measurements. The length of the face is measured from the point where your hairline begins to the chin hence do that.

If the jaw is the widest part of the face, but its length is almost the same as width average, it is a square shape. Your face lies in the category of round shapes if its length is about the same as its width average. If its length is 1.5 times longer than its width average then it is an oval-shaped face. If the jaw is significantly wider than the forehead and your chin is pointy, it is a triangle-shaped face. If the face length is more than 1.5 times longer than its width average that is an oblong face. When the cheeks are the widest part on the face, it is a diamond face.

People who have an oblong face are lucky because there are many options for them to choose when it comes to haircuts. No matter how much you love haircuts that are very short and tight on the sides, avoid them because they will give your face a much longer appearance. Haircuts that have layers at the top and long sides will enhance the beauty of your face’s shape. Let your hair down for the face to get the impressive shorter and rounder look.

Your face will look more masculine in haircuts that have volume and sharp angles. Haircuts that have long edges are not good for you because they make the face rounder.

Sharp and angular haircuts are among the many styles that are ideal for a square face. The buzz cuts and fades will make boost your handsome looks.

Wear shorter sides and longer tops types of haircuts if you have a triangle or diamond face. The face will look more masculine with side parts.

Go for haircuts that have sharp angles and make the hair to have volume if you have a round face. Shorter sides and a longer top or creating a side part make the round face to appear slightly longer. The face looks rounder when you have buzz cuts and full edges hence avoid these hairstyles.

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