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March 17, 2020

Why there Need be a Return to Work Program in any Workplace

Workers’ compensation claims have as a matter of fact proved to be on the rise over the past few years, if what the stats have were anything to go by. In as much as this is the case, what we see in the premiums is the fact that these have not really kept up with the pace set by the rise in claims. Actually, there are some places where the rates are on a decline and this is a sure cause of worry and concern going forward.

Looking at the fact that rates will have to rise going forward, business owners must be alive to the need to find some new ways to check on the number of claims and the value of the claims that they file for. A Return to Work Program, RTW, program, is one of the measures and steps that a business can take for its need to check on the number of claims and the value of the same going forward. Read on in this post to learn more on Return to Work Programs.

Talking of a Return to Work Program, this is basically a program that seeks to accommodate employees who happened to have suffered injury return to work before they are fully recuperated. While under such kinds of arrangements, the concerned person or employee may be allowed to work in a temporary or alternative position or like it is in some settings, they may be assigned limited or light work and not assigned their routine or normal duties. In these agreements for Return to Worj Programs, the affected employees who are to be taken back on the terms can either be taken back on full time or part time basis and their pays can as well be either full pay or partial pay, as negotiated or agreed. In the event that the employer chooses to pay them partial wages, then the worker’s comp will pay the balance of their pay to full to their pre-injury date.

There are quite a number of ways that this kind of arrangement gets to benefit a company. Considering the fact that injuries and illnesses do increase the cost of running an operation like yours, there is a lot of sense in a business like yours having in place a program that will see them increase workplace safety and have their injured employees return to work as soon as can be. Check this post out for more on how these programs can be of help to you and talk to the experts here on these particular programs as offered by them here.

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